Design Solutions is Santa Fe's premier design and drafting service for homeowners and contractors. We've been designing new homes, additions and commercial buildings in Santa Fe since 1989, and have completed hundreds of construction drawings for projects in and around Santa Fe. We specialize in transforming your dreams and ideas into reality. ​​

Typical Fees Not Included in our Proposal for Santa Fe:

      City Building Permit:

based on construction valuation: Plan-check Fee and Permit Fee required for all building permits Historic District Review  

      Architectural Review Fee - for many sub-divisions such as Las Campanas, Cerros Colorados, Monte Sereno, and other Subdivisions.

      Construction Deposit Fees- some subdivisions will require a deposit to commence construction.Escarpment District Impact Fee Toilet retrofitting fees Permit for            Santa Fe-County Building Permit: Administrative fee (based on construction valuation + sq. footage x .275 %) - to be paid in full at time of issue Fire Zone Impact Fee-this can be significant Architectural Review Fee - for some sub-divisions such as Las Campanas, additional design and review fees are required Permit for Sate of New Mexico Projects in Santa Fe County and several surrounding Counties will also be reviewed by the State.  

      The New Mexico State permit review fee will need to be paid in full at time of application Septic Permit fees if applicable Well permit fees if applicable.

      Services of a Structural Engineer:

For the protection of all parties, we recommend that each project be reviewed and stamped by a licensed Structural Engineer. Their fees vary according to the size and scope of the project, ranging from a few hundred dollars for a cursory review of the most basic project to $1500 for a full review of a new residence.

       Services of a Civil Engineer:

Some projects may require the services of a licensed Civil Engineer or Surveyor. For example, all projects in the Santa Fe City Escarpment District will require a topographical survey and a grading/drainage plan. In Santa FeCounty, all residences over 3500 sq. ft. will require a topographical survey and grading/drainage plan. It is recommended that the owner determine whether the building site is located in any special district that imposes restrictions or specific requirements to comply with any City or County requirements.

       Printing and Other miscellaneous costs incurred in the permit to contracting phase of a project include printing of blue-line copies, typically done at Technigraph in Santa Fe Water & Utility Hook-up fee:

All Infrastructure & Utility Costs are to be paid by the Client.

       Documents we will need from you:

To efficiently complete your drawings and facilitate the process of application for building permit, some of the following documents will be needed:

Plat Survey (certified)

Topographical Survey, if available/applicable

Additions/remodels: any drawings of existing structures

Copy of Warranty, Deed Copy of Sub-Division covenants, if applicable.

Copy of shared-well agreement, well permit, septic permit, etc. if applicable

Improvement survey




Typical Fees Included in our Proposal:

      Our proposal estimates the work necessary to design and produce construction drawings and details necessary to meet building department requirements. However, design fees vary widely depending on the size, complexity, style, and location of your project and the time it takes to finalize an approved schematic design. Orienting the project on the site, adhering to architectural covenants and special land use requirements are also variables that must be considered.  

      In Santa Fe City and County, unique zoning or architectural restrictions may apply to your project. Depending on your project location, you could possibly be required to adhere to restrictions for either the Escarpment Ordinance, (Foothills & Ridgetop), the Mountain Special Review District, the Landmark District, Historical Review District, or Architectural Covenants that are specific to your development.  

     Typically, we include the time it takes to conduct all necessary liaisons with Planning Department officials, and coordinate information with consultants such as Structural, and Civil engineers. However, in some circumstances additional, unanticipated hours may be required to obtain regulatory approvals a and furnish them with the appropriate information.

We have experience with all phases of construction drawings. Typically our office will produce construction drawings for the following areas:

  • Site Plan W/Roof Plan
  • Floor Plan
  • Roof Framing Plan
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan
  • Exterior Elevations
  • Interior Elevations
  • Building Sections
  • Door, Window, Skylight and finish Schedules
  • Structural Details, Wall Sections,and other Details
  • Electrical Plans     

All of our services are furnished at the following hourly rates:

Design Services: $100 per hour

Drafting Services: $65 per hour

Transbond Plotting: $10 per sheet (for reproducible printing)

Designing a new home or major addition is an exciting, but complex endeavor. Foremost on most Client’s mind is cost. How much will it cost to design my new home or addition? The bottom line in that final cost will always depend on the size and scope of the particular project and on the needs and character of the individuals involved. We are dedicated to keeping your costs down, also our level of experience let us work efficiently which also saves you money.

Cost Estimate and Proposal:

Design Solutions will generate an estimate of the costs to complete your project, based on the expected scope of work. This proposal is an estimate of the time we expect to spend on the development of the design and the completion of the construction drawings.  Please note that this is only an estimate and that your final cost may be more or less depending on the number of revisions, design changes, etc. Our fee schedule is hourly for design and drafting, and your cost will be adjusted according to the actual amount of work done.  A 1/3 deposit is required to begin work and final payment for all work is expected when the drawings are ready for submittal to the County. Should the original estimate our fees change dramatically in the course of a project, we will re-visit the initial proposal, update it and ask you to review and approve an expanded scope of work.​